The Mekong Delta an Emerging Investment Destination

Investors seeking opportunities in Vietnam sometimes overlook the Mekong Delta. Yet this hidden gem is increasingly gaining attention from foreign and local businesses, driving rapid growth and new opportunities in many sectors.

These opportunities extend from an excellent investment climate, improving infrastructure, plenty of available land, costeffective industrial parks and a labor pool with more than 10 million workers (see 8 Reasons to Invest).

All these factors make the Mekong Delta an exciting alternative to more popular investment destinations, including the areas around Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi where competition for labor and land are increasing costs and creating increasing challenges for investors.

Check out our 8 reasons to invest in the Mekong Delta, which provide key insights on this emerging investment location, but be mindful of the key challenges that investors may face in the region. We’ve also provided additional detail on five highpotential industries that offer particularly exciting investment opportunities.

Our interactive maps provide you with details on the business climate, foreign direct investment, human resources, land use, incentives and available infrastructure such as industrial parks, transport links, electricity and communication.

Publication »The Mekong Delta«

Our study on the Mekong Delta provides an in-depth analysis on opportunities and challenges for investment in the region. It includes detail on economic and demographic trends, human resources, labor costs, infrastructure, investment incentives, and much more.

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